Shower Bars & Yoni Bars

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What does your Shower caddy looks like? Do you use one bar overall? Or do you take advantage of A Milli Little Things options?

I must admit, my shower lineup is a little intense but hey I am the maker so what would you expect? Lol.  I have everything from an exfoliator, to Yoni wash & bar, as well as a Shower bar patiently waiting on me every night.

While you can use our yoni bars all over, soap sort of reminds me of a rag (one for the face and one for the bootayyy/body) 😂. This crazy pisces brain of mines believes I'm dragging nasty micro you know what crusties over my body so I try to keep my bars separate for the most part. I knoowwww that's a bit extra for some but hey...this supposed to be a safe space to speak my truth😩😂!

My current rotation⬇️⬇️⬇️

Pineapple-Mint Yoni Wash which carries antifungal properties,

Philly Peach Yoni Wash for the nights that I just want to feel good and refreshed.

Go Away Yoni Bar Is made with  oils that are known to prevent overgrowth of yeast but I'll tell you, the lemongrass is just so uplifting and over the top  I use it because it's simply my FAVVVVV scent!

For the body our Goatmilk Bar. It's super moisturizing and great for those who would just like a plain Unscented bar.


Enough of me ranting 😂 Here at A Milli Little Things you have options babe. 

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