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The Empress Love Seat (ONLY)
$ 40.00

The Empress Love Seat (ONLY)

This is the Empress Love Seat ONLY! 


Directions for Empress Love Seat 


1. Create sacred space to place your Empress Love Seat. Make sure you're alone, able to focus, and place all of your energy into self. Light a candle, light your incense or sage. This will help create a vibe whether it's spiritual, relaxing, or therapeutic. 

2. Place  seat onto floor or under toilet seat.

3. Place herbs and 3 and 1/2 cups of hot SPRING WATER into Empress Love Seat and allow mixture to steep for 5 mins. 

4. Place hand over mixture to check temperature. Please DO NOT SIT DIRECTLY on love seat prior to checking temperature. 

5. If steaming on the toilet, sit on Empress Love Seat, relax, repeat a few affirmation, and Enjoy your peace

6. If you are steaming on the floor, hover over Empress Love seat and repeat all of thee above. Remember to take in this moment. Release all negative vibes and welcome the positive ones. This moment is all about you QUEEN! 


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