It's Pumpkin Season!

Yelling "It's Pumpkin Seasonnnn" to the roof top all fall long lol. I truly am a pumpkin fan and I am sooooo not ashamed to admit it 🙊🍂🎃🍁. While people such as myself traditionally love it in our cozy hot beverages did you know slathering it on your skin also has its benefits?

Pumpkin Skincare is actually  a popular line all throughout the year because of it many benefits. This is why I am so excited to have my first Blending/Mixing Class start off with this Superfood. Shameless plug loading...(Tickets are now available to purchase so hurry and grab your seat while you can) lol now back to these benefits.

Did you know that Pumpkin naturally has

*vitamins A & E which are known to naturally boost collagen production and brighten the skin?

Yea me either lol. It also has something called

*Alpha Hydroxy Acids that exfoliates the skin naturally which leaves you with soft supple skin. 

* It reduces the signs of aging, reduces UV damage, promotes skin renewal  and more! 

 How cool is that? Pumpkin truly is the real MVP. So the next time you decide to drink a cup add a pumpkin mask to you face or body  making it a Pumpkin kind of Day 🎃 

Would you like to try or make some of our Pumpkin Skincare? Sit it on a Blending Class or purchase any of our Pumpkin Skincare on the site