Private Mixing Party Packages

 Booking Starts March 1st 2021 (Due to Covid Private Classes can not exceed 4 students at this time). Masks must be properly worn covering your entire face for the full duration of the class.  


The Salt Bar (1hr Long Class)

Mineral Salt Balm Body Scrub (1x 250g Jar)

Mineral Bath Soak (1x 250g Jar)

Walnut Foot Scrub Bar (2x30g Bars) or Salt Cleansing Bar (1x 70 Bar)

Price: $65 Per Student  (4 Student Minimum)


The Oil Bar: (1hr Long Class)

Face Oil (1x30ml Bottle)

Body Oil (1x60ml Bottle)

Everything Balm (1x30g Jar)

Roll-On Perfume Oil (1x10ml Bottle)

Price: $70 Per Student  (4 Student Minimum)


The Mineral Bar (1Hr Long Class)

Mineral Clay Mask (1x60g Jar)

Fruit Bowl Face Exfoliator (1x 30g Jar)

Mineral Bath Fizz (1x250g Jar)

Solid Mud Bar (1x70g Bar)

Price: $60 Per Student (4 Student Minimum)


The Butter Bar (1hr Long Class)

Orange-Carrot Cleansing Balm (1x30g Jar)

Everything Balm (1x30g Jar) 

Vegan Body Cream (1x120g Jar)

Lotion Bar (2x30g Bar)

Price:$75 Per Student  (4 Student Minimum)


5PC Skincare Set (1.5 Hr Long)

Face Cleansing Bar (1x70g Bar) or Cleansing Melting Balm (1x30g Jar)

Cold Pressed Face Oil (1x60ml Bottle)

Mineral Clay Mask (1x60g Jar)

Toner (1x30ml Bottle)

Eye Cream (1x30g Jar)

Price: $85 Per Student (4 Student Minimum)


Haircare (1hr Long Class)

Hair Butter (1x30g Jar)

Scalp Detox Bar (2x30g Bars)

Hair Mask (1x 120g Jar) 

Shampoo Bar (1x 70g Bar)

Price: $60 Per Student (4 Student Minimum)


Teen Parties (Choose 4) (1Hr Long Class)

Body Scrub (1x120g Jar)                                  Everything Balm Mini (1x30g)

Body Cream Mix (1x 120g Jar)                         Body Mist (1x120ml Bottle)

Face Mask (1x 60g Jar)                                   Shampoo Bar (1x70g Bar)

Cleansing Facial Bar (1x70g Bar)                    Bath Bomb (2x Bath Bombs)

Cleansing Shower Bar (1x70g Bar)                 Bath Fizz (1x 250g Jar)

Bath Salt (1x250g Jar)                                      Lip Scrub (1x30g Jar)

Price: $60 Per Student (4 Student Minimum)


Pick Your Mix ( A La Carte Menu)



Face Oil (1x 30ml Bottle) $32

Face Oil Roll-On Bottle (1x 10ml Bottle) $18

Cold Pressed Cleansing Oil (1x60ml Bottle) $22 & Up 

Mineral Face Mask (1x60g Jar) $25

Gel Mask (1x60g Jar) $28

Face Toner (1x60ml Bottle) $18

Face Mineral Cleansing Bar (1x70g Bar) $20

Coffee Anti-Aging Eye Balm (1x30g Jar) $30

Fruit Bowl Face Exfoliator (1x 30g Jar) $20 

Creamy Face Exfoliator (1x 30g Jar) $25

Cleansing Melting Balm (1x30g Jar) $25

Herbal Face Steam (1x 120g Tin Container) 



Superfood Sugar Scrub (1x120g Jar) $18

Salt Balm Scrub (1x120g Jar) $25

Body Scrub Bar (1x70g Bar) $20

Body Oil (1x60ml Bottle) $28

Superfood Body Butter (1x120g Jar) $25 & Up

Superfood Body Cream Mix (1x120 Jar) $20

Everything Balm (1x30g Jar) $25  (Coffee & Chamomile $30)

Cleansing Mineral Body Bar (1x 70g Bar) $20

Deodorant (1x30g Jar) $18

Roll-On Perfume (1x10ml Bottle) $18

Mineral Bath Soak (1x250g Jar) $20

Body Mist (1x120ml Bottle) $16

Bath Bomb Kit (2x Bath Bombs) $30

Lotion Bar (2x30g Bars) $16

Herbal Bath Tea (1x250g Jar) $22

Herbal Tea Bomb $18



Blueberry Coconut Conditioning Mask (1x120g Jar) $20

Hair Butter (1x30g Jar) $20

Hair Mist (1x60ml Bottle) $20

Shampoo Bar (1x70g Bar) $20

Superfood Conditioner Bar (1x30g Bar) $20



Potpourri (1x Bag) $14

Pillow Mist (1x60ml Bottle) 14.50


What to Look Forward To

During these classes you'll be able to craft & mix your products by hand choosing from our DIY Raw Ingredients Bar. There are a plethora of Superfood & Botanical Extracts, Cold Pressed Oils, Mineral Salts & Clays, Natural Exfoliants, Organic Butters, and more to create the perfect products! Book your private Event today! 

Email us for Booking at

To save your event date, you must pay a 50% deposit. All deposits are refundable if canceled 3 Days PRIOR to your event. This gives us a reasonable amount of time to replace your time slot. If canceled AFTER DEADLINE you FORFEIT your ENTIRE deposit.