Banana Pudding Soap-Cream
$ 17.50

Banana Pudding Soap-Cream

Experience the luxurious and nourishing properties of our Banana Pudding Soap-Cream!

This whipped soap is specially formulated to cleanse and hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. With the delicious scent of banana pudding, you'll feel pampered and refreshed every time you use it. Perfect for any skin type.


What is it? 

Our Ice-creams are traditionally called whipped soap. Whipped Soap is an alternative to soap bars. 


Scent: Sweet Bananas layered between creamy pudding, and baked cookies

What you'll Receive: 4oz Jar or 8oz Jar


Directions: Place small amount on hands, cloth, or sponge. Incorporate water and rub in circular motion. Only a little is needed to form huge lather. 

 (Can also be used as a shaving cream as well)