Calm Down Tea Bomb
$ 14.95

Calm Down Tea Bomb

Tea Bombs are aromatherapy bathbombs and bath tea place together in a unbleached cheese cloth for a relaxing bath minus the clean-up. You can absolutely untie the knot if you don't mind herbs floating in your bath water.

Who Can Use? 

 Tea Bomb is for both men and women! Great for sore muscles, stressful work day, or a self pampering day.

Consult with Dr. before placing Tea bomb in bath with children. 

How to Use 

Place entire sack into bath. The bath disc will disintegrate,  skin loving ingredients softens the skin, essential oil scents will linger in the air, while herbs will act as bath tea. 


Eucalyptus & Spearmint Bath Disc, organic herb mixture, and essential oil blend.