Cooty-Booty Yoni Bar
$ 12.00

Cooty-Booty Yoni Bar

The Cooty-Booty Yoni Bar is a natural solution for brightening inner thighs and dark spots caused by various skin conditions. With its unique formula, it effectively lightens hyperpigmentation, eczema, and chafing discoloration from jean rubbing.

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone with the Cooty-Booty Yoni Bar.



 Exfoliating Yoni Bar

 Tackles Bumpy & Dry patch problem areas

 Brightening Bar

Antibacterial Properties 

(NOT for sensitive skin types)



 Basil Essential Oils, Oregano Essential Oils, and Lemon Essential Oils

Herbal & Oil Infusion known for their natural lighting abilities 

Extracts: Raw Organic Turmeric Powder & Liquid Extract

Natural Exfoilant: Pumice