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Frosted Oatmeal Cookie Meringue & Slushie
$ 22.50

Frosted Oatmeal Cookie Meringue & Slushie

Our Frosted Oatmeal Cookie Parfait is  a perfect blend of our Meringue  (Whipped Soap) and Slushie (Sugar Scrub) teaming up for a ultimate bath treat. To sweeten the deal we provided an option to add an additional Frosted Cookie (soap bar) on top to either share or take out of town if you don't want to carry the full product with you. 

Ways to Use: You can wash and exfoliate with this 2-1 product.

1st Way: Simply place a desired amount of Meringue (Whipped soap) on your wet cloth or sponge. Rub together to create a rich lather to wash with.

Once your Meringue is used up you can now exfoliate with the Slushie (Sugar Scrub) at the bottom. 

2nd Way: Mix entire jar together to create your very own Foaming Scrub. Afterwards follow the 1st Way Instructions. 

Star Ingredient: Colloidal Oatmeal 

Benefits: Soothes Dry Itchy & Irritated Skin as well as exfoliate it. 

Size: 8oz Jar & 1 Frosted Oatmeal Soap Cookie (As an option)

Scent: Sweet Oatmeal Spiced Cookies