Fruits & Veggies Face Oil
$ 32.00

Fruits & Veggies Face Oil

Feed your face with pure Fruits & Veggies with this moisturizing blend. 

Benefits of Serum 

Broccoli: Reduces skin redness and damage. 

Raspberry: Fights age spots, wrinkles, premature aging.

Blueberry: Helps treat eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Carrot: Anti-Aging benefits.

Seabuckthorn: Highest plant source of vitamin C. 


How to Use:  Massage gently on your face & neck day and night on clean skin. Highly concentrated and should be used sparingly.

Size: 30ml

This is a 100% Natural Cold-Pressed Oil Blend. It has little to No SCENT

Ingredients List: Broccoli Oil, Raspberry Oil, Jojoba Oil, Blueberry Oil, Carrot Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil.