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$ 35.00

How to Fix the Vibez Kit

Fix your vibes with us! 

What You'll Receive 

1 Bundle of California Sage: Cleans up the vibe

1 Palo Santo: Smooths the vibe

Clear Quartz: Clears up the vibe

Tourmaline : Repels bad vibez

Amethyst: Attracts good vibez

Rose Quartz: Brings Love Vibez

Cone Incense: Meditation Vibez 


Palo Santo Usage:

Palo santo can also be a friend to your crystals, helping to purify their energy when you first receive them, and periodically when their energy begins to feel heavy. To use its healing energy on your crystals, begin by lighting the palo santo stick, and waiting for its flame to die out. Holding the palo santo stick in one hand, use your other hand to raise your crystal and immerse it into the smoke of the palo santo. Depending on how many crystals you are cleansing, you may have to relight the stick a few times, unlike sage, which continues to burn.