Mermaid Kisses Yoni Refresher Mist
Mermaid Kisses Yoni Refresher Mist
$ 18.50

Mermaid Kisses Yoni Refresher Mist

Our number 1 selling yoni bar "Mermaid Kisses" has a new partner in crime! 

Mermaid Kisses Yoni Refresher Mist!!!

It was formulated to keep our sacred area fresh all day. Carefully curated with natural gentle ingredients like rose water, lavender water and herbs that'll keep your yoni balanced and happy.

 Our Yoni Refresher Mist is perfect for those on go. Simply drop it into your purse for quick uses such as after the gym, work, hot days and more! 

How To Us: Spray desired amount onto yoni or tissue and wipe for a fresh rejuvenated yoni. You can also spray onto panties or liners to freshen up. 

For even better results pair it with our MERMAID KISSES Yoni Bar.  

100% ALL Natural Vegan Product

Ingredients: Rose Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Distilled Water, Organic Dried Rose, and Organic Dried Jasmine Flowers.