Peace, Love, and Abundance
$ 12.00

Peace, Love, and Abundance

This blend was created to bring Peace, Love, and Abundance into your life. Nowadays with so much negativity going on in the world it's almost too easy to loose focus on these three important words. We have to align ourselves with these words in order to reap the benefits. Be peace, be love, and you will live abundantly.  

 While steaming recite a few affirmation  that encourages these these thing. 


Some Benefits: Remove old matter from your yoni,

Encourage blood flow and energy movement in the

uterus, Increase in vaginal wetness and tightness,

Regulate Menstrual Cycle as well as decrease pain,

Emotional release, Promote Fertility, and Libido



Directions: Bring 3 and 1/2 cups of SPRING

WATER to a boil. Place 3 tablespoons of Herbs in

the water and let simmer for 5 min. Wave hand

over water to check temperature. Please do not

burn yoni. Place mixture into your Empress Love

Seat or keep in pot. Straddle it and cover lower

body with blanket. This will keep steam from

escaping. Now forge a deeper connection with

yourself Queen.


Ingredients: Organic Herbal Blend.