Sweet Cheeks BooYoni Scrub
$ 22.00

Sweet Cheeks BooYoni Scrub

Step 1 of our Sweet Cheeks  BooYoni Collection

For: Booty & Yoni 

What It Does:

Sheds dead skin, Uncover Ingrown trapped hair, Brighten discoloration spots, and improves skin texture. 


 How To Use:

Rub in circular motion on targeted dry spot or ingrown hair. Afterwards rinse off with warm water. 


Ingredients: Shea, Sugar, Cherry Oil & 🍒Extract,  Hibiscus Oil & 🌺Extract, Yogurt, Coconut Water,  Eo Blend, Safflower Oil, Rosemary  Extract, Sunflower 🌻 Extract, Vitamin E, Eo Blend.