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$ 18.00

Wild Goddess Wand (Floral Sage Bundle)

Our Sage bundles are handcrafted with California white sage, sacred herbs, flowers and healing crystals for a powerful incense ritual. 


The sacred smoke from dried sage and other healing herbs is cleansing and will cast out negative energy in a space or person. Burning sage can have a direct effect on your mood to promote wellness, mental clarity, focus, better sleep, as well as decreases airborne bacteria in your home.

The sage burning ritual can also be used to create happiness, love, prosperity and healthy meditation habits.

 What You'll Receive 

4-5 inch Sage Floral Bundle + Crystal 



Select a plate, bowl, or our Abalone Shell to hold under the burning wand. Light your wand and gently blow on the lit tip. If it does not heavily smoke try lighting it using a candle flame instead of a lighter. Hold the wand over your safe plate or bowl or shell while smudging, to prevent burning embers from falling. Moving the wand will encourage further burning. Allow the wand's smoke to fill any area you wish to spiritually cleanse and bless. If you would like it to burn all at once during yoga or meditation, simply do not put it out. If you only need to smudge rooms, people, pets or objects to banish negativity and to bless, use the wand as needed. To put it out push the burning tip into a safe plate or bowl or shell until it stops smoking.




Handcrafted with California White Sage, Herbs + Crystal 



Photo is of previous custom order to show the general style of bundling. Each bundle is unique and no two Sage Smudge Wands are alike.

Wild Goddess is Handcrafted so no bundle is identical. Colors also fade during drying process. Purchasing our bundles we are assuming you understand and are in agreement that you've read the details concerning this. 

 Our bundles are handcrafted there for takes time to make and dry. Please understand your order can take up to 7 business day to process if there isnt any premade.