Customizable Hair Oil
$ 21.00

Customizable Hair Oil



Customize your very own Hair Oil based on your specific needs. 


What You'll Receive: 1oz Glass Bottle w Dropper


Choose 1-2 Oils As Your  Base ⬇️

Olive Oil: Damaged, dull, dry or frizzy hair, as well as hair that is dandruff-prone.

Coconut Oil: All hair types, but particularly those with dry, damaged or dull hair.

Avocado Oil: Helps to reduce frizz and increase shine.

Grapeseed Oil: An effective dandruff and dermatitis fighter and may help hair growth

Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes hair, prevents dandruff and dry scalp and makes hair soft and shiny.

Cherry Kernal Oil: Effectively repairs damaged hair.

Peach Kernal Oil: Retain your natural hair color, and also helps dyed color last longer

Sweet Almond  Oil: Dry and damaged hair, dandruff-prone hair and those with slow-growing hair or hair loss issues.


Boost It with 1 Concentrated Oil

Pomegranate Oil: Stimulates circulation to the scalp, eliminates dirt and dandruff, prevents damage to the follicles, and increases the growth of stronger, healthier hair.

Argan Oil: Moisturizes and smoothes hair, making it soft and manageable and imparting a lustrous shine.

Blueberry Oil: Repair and restore damaged hair, prevent breakage and increase hair growth.

 Broccoli Oil: Combats hair loss, Strengthens hair follicles, frizz tamer, and great for curly hair types. (DISCLAIMER) SMELLS LIKE  BROCCOLI 

Carrot Oil: Softens and smooths texture


Target Hair Concerns By Choosing 1 Essential Oil 

Lime: Reduce dandruff, promote hair growth, and enhance your hair's natural shine.

Chamomile: Thickens thinning hair, anti-inflammatory properties, and soothing properties. 

Peppermint: Promotes hair growth, balances oil, can increase hair thickness, calms inflamed scalp.

Sweet Orange: Moisturizes your hair shaft and prevents it from turning rough, dull and brittle.

Tea Tree: Balance pH levels in scalp and prevents itchiness.  

Lemongrass: Antifungal